Japanese movements! A good choice?

Japanese watches, are they reliable?

Seiko, Miyota are in my opinion the best watch movement suppliers for the middle class watches. They are affordable and they could last a lifetime if you treat them with love.

Japanese Quartz movements are extremely accurate, and they don't need human intervention in order to work, but these are only two of the reasons why they're so popular. They also need less maintenance, because they have less moving parts. ... Quartz movements are also more cost effective, which makes them more affordable for our customers. 

Japanese Automatic movements are also very accurate and a good choice when you hate changing batteries. We have used Seiko NH35 movements in some of our automatic watches. And i can tell you, they did not let us down. Never got a complain from our customers about this automatic movement. It also looks cool when you have an open backcase, the movement looks really expensive when you see it move.

Japanese movements are manufactured slightly differently than a Swiss made movement, mostly in an automated robotics line, but this allows for a much lower degree of error than by eye alone. While not a huge amount of detailing is put into most Miyota or Seiko movements, the slightly more “raw” look of the pure mechanical parts does appeal to a lot of people. Due to the nature of the assembly, the price of Japanese movements is often cheaper than Swiss, but this does in no way indicate lower quality.

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